Here are a few reviews from our Facebook page –

Joe wrote – 5 stars – Mark is the BEST, he found the problem with my AK and fixed it in seconds flat (literally)… and then he charged me next to nothing for it!! I was honored to talk with him about his profession for a few minutes. He truly LOVES what he does and LOVES his customers as well. Mark was easy to talk with, he helped me to understand the problem, showed me how to fix it, and made me feel welcomed in his shop. I can’t say enough about his EXCELLENT service… thank you, thank you, thank you!! It’s great to know that we have THE BEST gunsmith right here in our own backyard.

Jack wrote – 5 stars – Mark is a great gunsmith, he provides excellent gun smithing service, always going out of his way to help his customers and in anyway he can. When you leave a gun there the work is always done in a timely manner, reasonably priced and your promised when it will be done and his word is kept. In 45 years of dealing with guns in the Inverness area this shop is a breath of fresh air.
What’s the nicest part about this shop he’s very friendly, polite and extremely nice to his customers and if he’s not able to get something done he’s able to send it off to get the work accomplished.

Jason wrote – 5 stars – Good shop, good customer service. I’m not local, but whenever I am over in that area, I always try to stop in!