Refinishing Services

Spot Restoration of bluing and rust removal By the hour
Gun Blue Book Valuations $10 each
Gun Transfer Charge $25
Trigger Work $60  labor + parts
Scopes (re) installed and bore sighted, then range sight in $35/ $15 (range sight)
Sight in Scope at Range (only)Customer provides ammo or up to a maximum $.80 per round $25
Recoil Pads Installed $60   labor + parts
Consignment Parts and Gun Sale 20% fee
Bluing – Matte of Medium Polish $150 – $185
Bluing – High (555) Polish $225 – $275
Parkerizing – Pistol $140
Parkerizing – Shotgun or Rifle $170
Labor Hourly charge $40 – $50


Custom paint applied finishes vary per manufacturer, stocked color or special order color, number of parts, complexity of disassembly or desired top coat. Please call for an exact price quote and to discuss the finish. Samples of each manufacturers finish and color chart are available for viewing in the shop.