Cleaning Services

  • Rifle – Bolt, single, or lever             starting at $30
  • Rifle – Semi-Auto                           starting at $30
  • Shotgun – SXS, O/U, Auto 5           starting at $45
  • Shotgun – Pump & Semi                starting at $30
  • Shotgun – Single Barrel                   starting at $25
  • Revolvers                                      starting at $35
  • Pistols                                           starting at $35
  • Antique Firearms                            case by case


We offer discounts for multiple firearms or a combination of guns; the more we clean the cheaper it gets.  No longer do you have to only take 1 or 2 guns to the range because you hate cleaning them afterwards.


Three levels of service to choose from: you can ask for a simple wipe down, general maintenance cleaning, or white glove treatment.  Each will span the cheaper to more expensive sides to the price scale for cleaning. All price quotes will be in writing at the time of drop off and will not change unless parts or repair is needed. No work will be performed without the Owner’s consent.